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The West Coast has forever been the best coast for those who live here. And everyone agrees, the very best place to live in, is Langebaan, the jewel in the West Coast’s crown. After all, with its endless summers, azure blue waters, tranquil bays and sandy beaches, Langebaan has long been a great escape and holiday destination for city slickers and farmers, for artists and dreamers, and everyone who loves the sea. This, and all this, only a mere 120km away from Cape Town.


It’s a slice of paradise which, for most of the year, is bathed in sunshine, and best enjoyed in baggies, looking across an ocean of cool, from under a Panama hat. Langebaan’s 31km stretch of beautiful coastline boasts 18 bays and three working harbours, stunning beaches and rock formations that beg to be explored.

There are many restaurants and accommodation establishments along the banks of this lagoon that will appeal to every adventure seeker, and those needing respite from the fast pace of city living.

The surrounding waters are home to flamingos and whales and the park is well-known as a paradise for bird-watchers. The Lagoon is the southernmost point for the Palearctic migratory birds from northern Europe and Siberia, in their slow migrations between seasons. At dawn and dusk daily, anyone with an eye for beauty will simply love it here.



The Village at Langebaan Country Estate

Southern Right whales return here to mate and calve annually and St Helena Bay is home to the endemic Heaviside’s dolphin. Along with seals, you’ll bump into Humpback and Killer whales, and other species.

After good winter rains, the fields are bedecked in bright spring flower colours, making it a great winter destination too. The West Coast National Park is where “Eve’s Footprint” was discovered; one of the earliest signs of human existence on the planet.

Like any coast, the West Coast’s moods are most times tranquil, sometimes raging, but it is the dramatic ruggedness, soft waters and myriad coves that remind locals and visitors of a Greek Island, and just like a Greek Island, it is also wild at heart.

These rare qualities speak to people who cannot wait to escape the rat race for life in paradise. This great escape of city business folk and their families has been driven to a large extent by the hugely successful Langebaan Country Estate.

The Village at Langebaan Country Estate

The 450 hectare Langebaan Country Estate is situated  just outside town, on the edge of the West Coast National Park. Over 750 luxury homes are set around an exquisite Black Knight Design golf course created by Gary Player Designs, with everything you’d want in order to relax and enjoy yourself. The Estate is home to indigenous wildlife and prolific birdlife, a large variety of tortoise species, with the natural Fynbos and Renosterveld flora providing a wonderful backdrop to an idyllic lifestyle. Watch our video and find out about The Village here.


You’ll enjoy the best the West Coast has to offer at The Village. The 323-home retirement village is perfectly positioned on the magnificently looked after and cared for Langebaan Country Estate, where you’ll live safe, and carefree, surrounded by nature, inspired by its bounty and spoilt for choice daily. Residents get everything the Estate has to offer, along with the sculptured grounds, top class 24/7 security, the walks, the trails, paths and the herds and flocks of furry and feathered neighbours. This is West Coast life at its very, very best and you’re invited to become a special part of it.

The Village at Langebaan Country Estate

Full state-of-the-art security, Village and Estate Management, maintenance of common gardens and communal facilities, access to clinic and 24-hour emergency call systems in association with Call4Care, Health Care Management, 16 meals per month, Internet fibre connectivity and so much more. Our attention-to-detail is meticulous – from domestic cleaning to laundry, from shuttle services to social gatherings, outings and sport get-togethers, we ensure your lifestyle is the very best it can be – every moment of every day. This is just a small, yet meaningful part of how we welcome all of our residents. Making then feel safe, secure, appreciated and wanted. True West Coast hospitality knows no bounds and we’ve taken every step imagineable to make sure that the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve is made both possible and available where, when and how you need it.


Property owners looking to downsize to more convenient accommodation in retirement will look to retirement villages as options, for lifestyle facilities and services appropriate to their retirement goals and their concerns regarding finances, health, security and community. Most will find that the Life Right purchase model has significant benefits to offer. Although comparatively new, Life Right is the most progressive and popular form of retirement ownership in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South Africa today. You purchase a life-long legal right to occupy your home, and you own this right as an asset. You may sell it if you want to relocate, but it is not transferable. When you pass on, this asset will be sold and the amount you bought it for will be paid to your estate. You may rent your home providing that it is to a retiree.



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