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Langebaan Country Estate introduces The Village to the West Coast retirement community

Many of today’s retirees no longer feel at home in the city. What with creeping urban decay and increasing crime in neighbourhoods, city-based retirement villages struggle to answer their residents’ needs for security and a sense of space and freedom simultaneously. Locked down, these villages end up feeling a bit like the city or suburb they are in, leaving retirees wanting to escape, for life beyond walls.

When Craig Scott, the developer of the Village (the first West Coast retirement village at the Langebaan Estate), was looking for retirement solutions for his mother he came up well short. “Mom wanted a place where she could go for a walk, a run or take a bike ride in a safe environment, but we couldn’t find one,” Scott explains.

“She wanted a place where the kids and grandchildren would want to visit on weekends:  also, a hassle-free life with her pets, living in a caring and entertaining community. She also needed to feel comfortable that she would be well looked after as she got on in years, that if she fell ill or became frail, professionals were on hand to take great care of her. The family needed the same assurances as she did.”

The idea of a retirement village inside his luxurious Langebaan Country Estate began to take shape in Scott’s mind. “This venture into retirement is the direct result of wanting to build a caring community and a meaningful life for people like my mom: all those who embrace and share this idea that there is such a thing as joyful and free living. And that because environment informs enjoyment, there had to be such a thing as the perfect environment. The Village, in a nutshell,” Scott concludes.


About the Developer of The Village on Langebaan Country Estate
About the Developer of The Village on Langebaan Country Estate
About the Developer of The Village on Langebaan Country Estate

Scott knew all about luxury estates, having begun in 1999 with the project called ‘Langebaan Country Estate’ or affectionately, ‘LCE’, with its enviable outdoor eco lifestyle, built around a fabulous Gary Player designed Black Knight golf course and ambitious goals. 19 years later and the 750 home Estate provides proof that it is possible to turn a strip of prime West Coast land from a barren place to a thriving, blissful and successful lifestyle estate.  The environment is simply spectacular and living here is hugely rewarding as a result.

“There can be no more relaxed lifestyle than on the West Coast,” Scott claims.  “It’s the perfect antidote to city living. In fact, the two couldn’t be further apart, albeit only 120 kilometres away from one another. “We spent many years working on this project, consulting with experts in the retirement field, and researching trends in Australia, USA, New Zealand and locally,” Scott explains. “We wanted to get it right and right on the money side. So we hope to have created the very best of both worlds: retirement, inside an oasis, on the outskirts of a gorgeous coastal village. And retirement that is affordable and super-enjoyable.

“The West Coast has been known to charm its way into people’s hearts – I can vouch for that. Langebaan Country Estate and The Village have certainly become part of my DNA and I know that you will be happy having your special home in our special place.”

As to the cost of owning a home and this lifestyle, buyers will find that they will get far more than they could ever imagine for far less than they would expect.  Scott says “we have crunched numbers and counted bricks, we have arm-wrestled authorities and been relentless in our mission to bring The Village to you as affordably as possible. Prices range from R1 472 500 to R2 778 750 so we are expecting quite a scramble.”

Call The Village today on 072 732 1900.Or email sales@LCEvillage.co.za. Visit www.LCEvillage.co.za

About the Developer of The Village on Langebaan Country Estate

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