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Our aim at The Village is to provide every opportunity for you to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle that keeps you active. Our gym, pool, golf, tennis, bowls, hiking, biking and exercise programmes all aim to keep old age at bay. However, time will pass like the tides and we would be remiss in failing to prepare for the possible onset of frailty. The fact that the environment is designed around the anticipated challenges of aging is a weight off everyone’s shoulders.

The Village provides a continuous healthcare experience that upholds our philosophy of active aging, in partnership with our medical partner, Medwell SA. Our aim is to deliver patient-centred care with an emphasis on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the patient and family involved. It begins with a managed home-based health care service that include post-hospitalisation and discharge from rehabilitation facilities.

 In addition, our Care Centre provides primary healthcare and monthly check-ups delivered by experienced nurses and carers. This continuous care, along with our state-of-the-art Call4Care medical emergency units in each home provides significant peace-of-mind to you, your loved ones and friends. Our healthcare partner Medwell SA brings over 20 years of experience to The Village along with the knowledge that no matter your health circumstances, you’re in the best possible hands.

Aging & Healthcare at The Village on Langebaan Country Estate
Aging & Healthcare at The Village on Langebaan Country Estate
Aging & Healthcare at The Village on Langebaan Country Estate

Our basic care service includes:

• Continuous assessment of residents’ general health and wellbeing

• Advice and support regarding residents’ general health

• Access to clinic services provided by registered nursing staff at the Care Centre

• Administering procedures prescribed by medical practitioners which fall within the scope of practice of a registered nurse

• Access to 24-hour emergency call system in association with Call4Care

• Assistance from the Healthcare Manager to obtain/request benefits from the resident’s medical aid

• Five day respite care per annum per unit

• Availability of additional home-based care. All care services are subject to each resident’s clinical diagnosis and individual circumstances.


Ad hoc services are available at The Village involving post-operative individual support or after severe illness on a short term basis, until the patient has recuperated sufficiently to live independently. Long-term services like assisting residents with medication and personal care administration and involving daily visits by staff, is provided up to a maximum of two hours per day. This level is geared to enable residents to continue with their daily living activities with minimal support.


Our Care Centre provides care to individuals with physical, psychological, emotional and social needs that cannot be met within one’s own home. The focus in the Care Centre is the discrete management of acute and chronic illness as well as the physical frailty or disability of the individual. This service includes the monitoring and implementation of safe care and services to the individual. Care includes the ongoing assessment of the individual’s health status and changes to the care plan or routine of the individual to address such changes.

Aging & Healthcare at The Village on Langebaan Country Estate

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