Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve chatted to loads of retirees and have compiled a list of questions we’ve often been asked, along with our answers, which we hope you’ll find useful.


Q: Who manages The Village?

A:    Our operations team and Amari Property Management carries the responsibility for the operations and financial management of The Village. Residents enjoy the benefits of a professionally managed environment and hassle-free living. Our experienced team works closely with Medwell SA to provide healthcare that supports active and independent ageing. We work similarly with our caterer Feedem to provide healthy, deliciously nutritional meals.

Q: How are matters of The Village governed?

A:    We manage The Village and its governance process and we  make it simple and easy for everyone.

Q: How do residents provide input into the running of The Village?

A:  A small committee of elected residents provides valuable input on resident needs and requirements.

The Village – Financial Matters

Q: Is my Life Right 100% secure?

A: Your life right is yours for the duration of your (and or your spouse’s)  life, in terms of the Housing Development Scheme for Retired Persons Act No. 65 of 1988. This is further protected by the financial stability, commitment and success of the Developer.

Q: Can I rent my home out?

A: Yes, providing that your tenant is 60 years of age or older. In the event of the passing of the Life Right holder, the lease with the tenant will automatically terminate.

Q: Can I buy a home in The Village subject to the sale of my existing property?

A:    Yes, you’ll find details in the Life Right sales agreement addendum.

Q: Must I put down a deposit?

A: A 10% deposit is required with the balance payable on transfer. A bank guarantee is acceptable.

Q: Can a family member purchase a home on behalf of a parent?

A: Yes, as long as the parent remains the Life Right holders of the home. If the parent passes away, the Life Right will be sold and proceeds paid to the family member.

Q: What steps must I plan for in the purchase of a Cottage or Courtyard Suite?

  1. First, you select and reserve your unit (cottage or suite) by paying a refundable  R5000.00 deposit and signing a Reservation Agreement (we will send this to you). If you haven’t yet visited our Sales Office, now is the time to do so, and you’ll get to chat with our sales folk and firm up on what you are looking for: you’ll enjoy a guided tour, and get to see the selection of fittings and finishes options.
  2. The Life Right Holder is to sign the Life Right Agreement & Annexures within 14 days of being requested to do so by the Grantor or its Agent.
  3. A Deposit of 10% of the Purchase Consideration (less the R 5,000.00 Reservation Deposit received) will then be required to be payable into the Attorneys Trust Account on signature of the Life Right Agreement.
  4. An Irrevocable Bank Guarantee for the balance will be required within 21 days of signature of Life Right Agreement.

Q:   Who pays for the water and electricity accounts?

A:     Electricity and water in your home will be separately metered for your account.

Q:   What insurance do I need to arrange?

A:    The Village Developer insures all communal buildings and facilities and a portion of this cost is included in your levy. Residents insure their accommodation, their contents and personal effects.

The Village – Levies

Q: What levies are payable and what do they cover?

A:    We pride ourselves on our affordable levies that cover the running costs of The Village. Full details and costs are included in the sales documentation. Selected additional services are charged for seperately and are not included as part of the levies.

Q: How do you prevent any major future hikes?

A:    Levies will be specified a year in advance, in terms of the Retired Persons Act No. 65 of 1988.  Levies will only increase year-on-year in terms of the Western Cape CPI.

The Village – Accommodation

Q: Is The Village pet-friendly?

A:    Yes, your pets will love living here as much as you do!

Q: What finishes can I choose from for my home?

A:  You’ll be able to choose a colour theme and select from palettes and finishesfor counter tops, cupboards, vanity cupboards, floor finishes (carpets and tiles) and internal wall colours and these are available for review at our sales office.

The Village – Healthcare

Q: Does each home have an emergency and nurse call system?

A:    Yes. All homes have Call4Care system and emergency nurse call buttons (in each bathroom).

Q: Who owns The Village Healthcare Facilities?

A:    The Healthcare Centre will be owned by the Developer in a non-profit entity and managed by Medwell SA.

Q:   Will there be rooms for doctors and specialists?

A:    Rooms will be available for visiting doctors, and other practitioners such as physios, occupational therapists, podiatrists, etc.

The Village – Grounds, gardens & maintenance

Q: How much will The Village maintenance cost residents?

A:    Maintenance is covered by the maintenance reserve in the levy. We pride ourselves on our levy economics, just compare our levies with other villages!

Q: Who will maintain the interiors and exteriors of homes?

A:    The maintenance of the interior of your home is the responsibility of the resident, while the maintenance of the exterior is The Village’s responsibility. Costs are covered in the levy.

Q: Does The Village have landscaping plans?

A:    Homes will have landscaped gardens. Residents will receive a preferred plant selection list of what is allowed in The Village, in keeping with the indigenous surroundings.

The Village – Facilities & Services

Q: How will I get my post?

A:    A clubhouse facility means you’ll be able to get your post daily.

Q: Will there be a newspaper service?

A:    Yes. Newspapers can be collected from the clubhouse reception

The Village – Security

Q: What security is provided?

A:   Access to The Village is via two state-of-the-art access-control points manned 24/7. In addition, we have electric perimeter fencing, a perimeter ground radar detection system and a CCTV system for the surveillance of the perimeter and common spaces. Intruder alarm systems in each home with 24/7 panic and a nurse call function makes for a highly secure and safe environment.

The Village – General

Q: Can friends and grandchildren stay over?

A:    Yes, on a short-term basis. Longer stays will require the permission of The Village management. The Estate has many affordable accommodation options should you require, at a discounted rate should you book for your guests.

Q: May my char or nurse work for me?

A:    Yes, as long as they are registered with The Village office.

Q:   May I work from home?

A:    Residents may work from home as long as their work does not contravene Council by-laws or interfere with other residents.

Q:   Is there a handyman?

A:    Yes. The Village manager will get our handyman to assist you.

Q:   What are the smoking regulations?

A:    Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas in the common facilities. Smoking at home is allowed.

Q:   Will The Village be wheelchair friendly?

A:    Ramps are provided where appropriate and all homes will accommodate wheelchairs and can easily be fitted out to assist persons with disabilities.

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