With so many coastal retirement estate options to choose from, why Langebaan you ask?
Here’s what some of the residents at Langebaan Country Estate have to say.


Carol and Kyle Stemmet

Cape Town is becoming too busy and Langebaan is away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to the family.
We needed to live in a place that could take us through to our old age, being able to walk for miles in a secure environment, having access to the wildlife and the pure peace and serenity made the Estate an easy choice. Easy access to the golf club and other sporting facilities like LCE Bowls Club are the big added bonuses. We fish during the summer months and Kyle plays the odd round of golf. We have made many friends and certainly keep busy, both serving on the bowls committee.

We have never regretted buying on the Estate, we enjoy every day here, whether it’s being involved with some sporting activity or just soaking up the tranquillity. We didn’t know many people when we arrived, but we found that if you’re prepared to become involved with the Langebaan community the locals soon welcome you into their circles. We really can’t think of a better town in South Africa to live in.

Carl & Miems Barnard

We hail from that dark and dismal region where life is stressful and the air is polluted: Gauteng. After deciding to make the move to Cape Town and a few trips to the West Coast, sussing out the towns, we settled in Langebaan and the rest is history. 
The space surrounding the houses on the Estate was a contributing factor to our decision, the feeling of almost living in the country but still having all the amenities civilised living demands, suits us just fine, thank you!
We enjoy the mountain biking option on the Estate, hopping on the Harley and scooting off to Paternoster for a brekkie is heaven reincarnate. The golf course on my doorstep, Clubhouse up the 9th fairway, wildlife and most of all, the friendliest people you will find as neighbours make me confirm to Miems every day that we are not on holiday, but we are living here!
Having both been avid fly fishermen in a previous life convinced me to get myself kitted out for some surf fishing (Miems feels this is for the ‘manne’), but she is having a ball doing the ladies thing, joined the VLU to which she was welcomed with typical West Coast warmth.

Thank you for a lovely place!

Ralph Cullinan

I am from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. In 2009 my whole life changed, I had a motor vehicle accident and broke my T2, now paralysed from the shoulder down. With the help and support of my friends I was able to move forward and take life on. I came to do a bit of a “rekkie” all around Langebaan, looking for a new start and the day Bob Parry (LCE Golf Liaison Manager) said to me that I would be welcome here, I knew this would be the place for me. I bought and moved in May 2014.

With the whole “family destination” of the West Coast, I really feel the Estate encourages families to live here and there are a lot of sports and events on offer here. I am a keen golfer and still play now, which is great for my physical and mental well-being, making sure I get out the house. 
My daughters love to visit here; they exercise a lot, they love running and feel safe and secure in the environment, which is important. The facilities are great too, I can go upstairs to the Clubhouse easily and have a cold beer, the Estate is wheelchair friendly! 
It is great living here, a fantastic lifestyle and a lovely environment with fun people. 

Langebaan Country Estate is the jewel of the West Coast, you can experience a great life here.

Innes van Eeden

After I retired a few years ago, being a keen golfer, the decision to move to Langebaan Country Estate was an easy one. 
We thoroughly enjoy living on the Estate due to the beautiful environment with its championship golf course; hiking trails, open spaces, wild life and overall tranquillity. It is unthinkable not to live here.

As retirees we enjoy life and the Estate plays a big part in it. I always say to people to compare this Estate to others in South Africa to draw up a list of pro’s and con’s. Langebaan Country Estate will always be in the top bracket, because this is a super destination for people who are serious about quality living.

Evert and Leigh Le Roux

Originally from the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng, we moved to Langebaan in September 2013. We first saw Langebaan on our honeymoon and I loved the town and the absolute beauty of it. Our safety became compromised in Gauteng so we sought a safer place for me to stay while my husband worked away… and here we are. We lived on an estate in Gauteng and wanted a similar home this side.

We love the natural surroundings, the professional infrastructure and of course the security it offers and the fact that it is always improving.
We love waking up every morning and enjoying the animals that roam freely around here, our cats are safe and happy and there are lovely people that live here too, we look out for each other and always ready to lend a hand when needed.

Smiley & Robin-Leanne van Zyl

Our road to Langebaan reads like a Romeo and Juliet story – based on tragedy, followed by love and a happy ending. In order to leave the past behind and start afresh, we felt the need for a new environment – the West Coast being first choice. We sold our home in the leafy Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, and moved to Langebaan in 2014.

We made a list of what we required long-term and the Estate ticked all the boxes. 
The feeling of absolute security and tranquillity. The only thing which ever obstructs our view of the fairway are the herds of Bontebok and Springbok, grazing and lazing within meters of our home. How much more privileged can one be?

We have also been blessed to have met so many new friends on the Estate, from all over South Africa, as well as the rest of the world – a real experience! The social life is HUGE and the safety of our golf cart as social transport has obvious advantages, especially after a good social evening with friends. 
The Estate also offers us beautiful walks and excellent cycling routes without having to look over your shoulder to ensure your safety.
It is sometimes hard to compare our lifestyle on the Estate, to the country we read about in the daily newspapers!

Thank you Craig Scott, our CEO & Developer, for running this Estate so incredibly well – while many others Estates are struggling.

Photographs shot in and around Langebaan Country Estate and the West Coast region.
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