A question asked by many who have not been to the area and thus a great place to start this blog. Although not originally from Langebaan, having spent some time here in my 20’s windsurfing in summer, I knew of the town. When the topic of retirement started creeping into conversations the town was in the back of my mind. After exploring a few options Langebaan was the chosen town due to these overwhelming positives:

  1. Location
    • This is three-fold; firstly, being by the lagoon is soothing. No matter where you are in Langebaan, a 10-minute drive at most will get you to the beach.
    • Secondly, there is so much to do in towns close by: wine farms, world-class restaurants, game drives, hiking and hideaways, to name a few.
    • Finally, it is close enough to Cape Town should you need to go through.
  2. Amenities
    • This is not the sleepy town of the 80’s any longer! There is such a wide range of activities, restaurants, shops, services and infrastructure here that it has become a destination of choice for young families and retirees alike. But not to worry, it still has that small-town charm – I think that is the key to the town’s success.
  3. Safety
    • You can feel a sense of freedom here that you don’t get in the cities. Life is peaceful, you can go to bed with a sense of calm.
  4. Weather
    • Now this may surprise you, but Langebaan is less windy than Cape Town and from late autumn to spring the weather is remarkable and pretty much wind free. It can be quite windy in summer – great for the water sports – but any architect who can think a little will design your house to be north facing and you can enjoy your front porch again. Just look out for that when purchasing your home!

I chose to live in Langebaan Country Estate as it has large grounds that we can explore, wildlife that are free to roam – we get frequent visits from some springbok, restaurants and bar, plenty of sport and great facilities for the grandchildren to enjoy when they visit, all in a safe environment with excellent security. The one word we choose to describe the estate as is “tranquil”.